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Monday is Caucus Day in Iowa

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Monday is Caucus Day in Iowa and we have a responsibility. We have the first opportunity in the nation to vote for the leader whose decisions will impact our livelihoods, companies, careers, families and communities. 

Don’t pass up this opportunity to make your voice heard!



Caucus starts at 7 p.m.

It’s important to arrive early. Party officials recommend participants get to their caucus locations 30-45 minutes before the caucus begins. You need to be registered or in line to register by 7 p.m. or you won’t be able to participate.


Unlike elections, Caucuses are run by the state Democrat and Republican parties, and your caucus location may be different than your polling place.

Find your Caucus Location for the Democrat Caucus here and Republican Caucus here.


Not registered with a party? You can register at your caucus location by showing documentation of your address (example: utility bill with your current address).

For more information or to register to vote, click here.

Please consider sharing this email with your coworkers and employees to encourage participation on the Iowa caucuses on February 1.


This post shared with the permission of Iowa Association of Business and Industry.

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